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GPT Production Latvia, SIA
GPT Production Latvia, SIA

GPT Production Latvia, SIA

We offer cutting and logistics services in textile and clothing industry as well as supervised production in the network of subcontractors in the Baltics.

Centerpiece of our operations is our cutting and logistics center in Vanga˛i, Latvia, 30km from capital Riga. We cut with up to date computer controlled Topcut Bullmer and Gerber cutters, that help us to ensure top quality and effectiveness in our cutting.

Cut pieces are transported to network to subcontractors where production takes place under our supervision and quality control. Optionally cuttings are delivered to our customers’ own production facilities.

GPT Production Latvia’s sewing production started in 2007 and employed more 100 sewing production professionals. In 2017 it was merged with multinational corporation thus ending GPT Production Latvia’s own sewing operations.

Our customers are and have been during years e.g.:
- Kwintet Oy, Finland
- Dimex Oy, Finland
- Alfa Wear Oy, Finland
- Standa Oy, Finland
- Nanso Oy, Finland
- Flare Trading Oy, Finland
- Tranemo AB, Sweden
- Marbäck Trico AB, Sweden
- Berendsen A/S, Denmark

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